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29th February 2008

2008.02.29|23:22: 10000+20667+20667+19333
much time has passed since i last updated, and 48 months of running has passed.

here are some sisters that were new to my life when last i went away:
two sleepy kittens

25th November 2007

2007.11.25|07:30: 3000+10000
i miss aspens
aspen leaves

29th October 2007

2007.10.29|00:30: 2500
hummingbird at the mountainside cabin where most of my aunts and uncles were staying for my brother's wedding.
in the background is ymca of the rockies, where we stayed for vacation several times when i was a kid.
hummingbird at feeder

28th October 2007

2007.10.28|02:28: 3500
i just ran more than 5 miles without stopping. i'm not sure why.
this was the view from the motel when i was in colorado for my brother's wedding in august:
mountainous vista

27th October 2007

2007.10.27|14:46: 8500+11667
mint chocolate doom cake with grasshoppers and fresh spearmint leaves from the tangled jungle that was once those cute little sprouts.

26th September 2007

2007.09.26|06:48: 3083
the last olbrich garden picture, i swear:
garden pool bottomed with stones

25th September 2007

2007.09.25|03:25: 8417
thai statuary amid pretty grass
thai statue, female

31st August 2007

2007.08.31|23:15: 1250
in the past 3.5 years, i've run more than 1200 miles. i think that gets me past st. louis, but it'll be a fair bit before i get back to colorado.
2007.08.31|00:15: 1750
a nice wall fountain picture before bed:
fountain integrated into stone garden wall
Current Mood: tuckered

30th August 2007

2007.08.30|23:21: 4500
all done movin and settin up internettin
curly-leafed willow tree:
aforementioned willow

28th August 2007

2007.08.28|17:38: 2000
almost done moving... have entered sharp life disruption phase...
look, pretty:
garden stream with much flora

27th August 2007

2007.08.27|09:35: 11167
i'm so good at posting frequently. and never procrastinating. and i'm made of candy.
look, another big hibiscus!
hibiscus - white with red
Current Mood: busy

31st July 2007

2007.07.31|08:37: 3500
hibiscus bigger than my hand.
big hibiscus

29th July 2007

2007.07.29|09:38: 6000
a lovely soft, grey day drizzling down on a tranquil pool with lily pads, outside the conservatory.
tranquil pool

26th July 2007

2007.07.26|22:28: 1250+11166
sometimes i wish i had multiple personalities, so that at least some distinct part of me could win, and perhaps more importantly, could lose outright some of the time. it just seems like it would be more... orderly than what i have right now...

30th June 2007

2007.06.30|11:31: 4000
one last conservatory pic before we move outside
orange butterfly on white flowers

29th June 2007

2007.06.29|23:41: 5250
a zebra! butterfly!

striped butterfly

26th June 2007

2007.06.26|04:43: 9500
i would guess that the birds are seed-i-vores, rendering the conservatory butterflies free from predation, if not from tourists.
conservatory birds

1st June 2007

2007.06.01|00:00: 4000
another month, another lack of a sense of failure. what a nice lack.

even under all the plants, the tropical conservatory teems:
prolific mushrooms
Current Mood: tired

29th May 2007

2007.05.29|15:44: 2500
dual conservatory pictures: lipstick vine and walking tree

lipstick plant    walking tree

28th May 2007

2007.05.28|05:27: 4417
back in the conservatory in madison, even the light looks somehow hungry in the carnivorous plant pen
carnivorous plant pen

25th May 2007

2007.05.25|10:18: 5750
my apparent inclination to make this non-enlightening and cryptic thing into some sort of photojournal is sometimes thwarted by exigence.

11th May 2007

2007.05.11|16:09: 1000
more wisconsin later, but here are the latest herbal status reports.

basil and spearmint:
basil & spearmint

basil and a conspicuous lack of oregano and cilantro and chives and... um... dracaena ("lucky bamboo"):
basil & spearmint

7th May 2007

2007.05.07|01:42: 3000
actually got started on my running on the first day of the month and even stayed ahead of the game for several days. now if only i could re-find my productivity for work i get paid for...

last august, in addition to my aforementioned trip to colorado, i visited family in madison, wi. we went to the olbrich botanical gardens, which included their tropical conservatory greenhouse thingie. anyway, here's a butterfly:
orange butterfly

30th April 2007

2007.04.30|22:32: 1500
38 months later...
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